Auto ID equipment service

We offer authorized service of label printers and equipment 7/24 under packages and service contracts. Our offerings include. Zebra brand equipment service, CAB printer service, Zebra terminal service, Zebra scanner service, barcode verifier service.

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Service packages for AutoID devices

Serwis auto ID
After the sale of the equipment, we guarantee assistance in case of wear and tear or possible damage that may occur during daily use of the equipment.

When choosing a brand of equipment, buyers should take into account not only the price, the conditions in which the equipment will be operated, its durability, resilience and technical parameters, but also the availability of service that can guarantee proper technical care and after-sales support.

When parts wear out or break down, when users inadvertently drop or damage equipment, or when dirt, dust and debris get inside, which is a common affliction of label printers. If the equipment does not work properly, for the user it can mean downtime and costly repairs.

Within the framework of service packages or an appropriately tailored service contract, we will take care of our customers’ equipment and help ensure its full efficiency and reduce downtime.


Package or service contract?

We offer several years of manufacturers' service packages - 2, 3 or 5 years in various price options and corresponding degrees of protection.

Extended service care significantly reduces repair time and includes, among other things. Replacement of depleted or damaged components with brand new ones and software updates.

In addition, we offer individual service contracts that provide periodic, regular inspection and maintenance of equipment. As a result, the cost of operating equipment is reduced, the risk of production downtime is reduced. In addition, the customer is guaranteed a quick fix for a sudden equipment failure and is able to budget in advance for the maintenance of equipment designed for labeling, label printing and code identification and verification.

7 days a week, 24H a day

Our customers are provided with telephone technical support at a publicly available telephone number. This service is free of charge for customers who purchased the device from our company. Technical support is available as standard on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and if a relevant service contract is signed, customers have an emergency phone number that is available 24 hours a day on all days of the week, including Sundays and holidays.

What is the implementation of the service order?

1. failure report

After the customer reports a malfunctioning device, the customer is immediately contacted to determine the possibility of fixing the malfunction.

2 Form of service delivery

In the event of the need for repair, the form of implementation of the service is determined - at the customer's site or at our service center. In the latter case, the customer delivers the equipment for repair to the service headquarters in Suchy Las.

3. visual inspection and valuation

Upon receipt of the equipment, the service employee confirms by email the acceptance of the equipment. The service technician then performs an inspection and diagnostics of the delivered equipment. On the basis of the visual inspection, he prepares and presents the customer with a cost estimate for the repair, along with an indication of the time required for the service.

4. repair and shipping

After receiving the repair order from the customer, repair activities are carried out, and the repaired equipment is delivered to the customer. In case of inability to repair within the specified time, we offer the possibility of lending replacement equipment for the duration of the repair.


Authorization and experience

Auto ID equipment service significantly extends the life of the equipment.

Your satisfaction both at the time of purchase and during the use of the equipment we offer is extremely important to us.

Our company’s service department offers warranty and post-warranty services, covering a full range of equipment from leading manufacturers’ offerings.

The highest quality of services offered has been confirmed by numerous certificates, granting the status of authorized manufacturer service. Among others, we offer service for Zebra, CAB, Motorola, Toshiba (TEC), Datalogic, among other equipment. and code verifiers from Axicon and REA.


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