Panel computers

Logistics and production processes supported by modern IT tools, such as WMS or MES, require the ability to enter data at operator stations. Mobile devices, such as data collectors, are used for this purpose, but also stationary devices.


Panel computers for industrial applications

This type of panel computers can be used even under the harshest industrial conditions. They are a great tool for communicating with a Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Solutions of this type are used especially in the following sectors:

  • food processing
  • metallurgy
  • manufacturing of electronic components
  • printing and paper processing
  • furniture industry

Panel computers combined with AUTO-ID devices

A major benefit of using panel computers is that they can be combined with automatic identification devices based on RFID or barcode technology. As a result, it is possible to read operator data, automatically read data from the production process, and obtain many other types of data, which will ultimately lead to more efficient processes.

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