Code quality verification

Barcode technology ensures fast and efficient identification needed in today’s logistics, production, and retail environments. Modern barcode or 2D code readers are fast and efficient, but only if the encoding quality is adequate.


Different symbologies, different devices

Depending on the symbology used in a particular place, it is necessary to use devices adapted specifically to that symbology. Verifiers can read:

  • barcodes
  • two-dimensional codes
  • codes applied with the DPM method

Some of the devices we offer can read both one-dimensional (barcodes) and two-dimensional codes (2D codes, QR codes).


In-line verification

It is also possible to verify the quality of barcode printing directly at the moment of its completion. Our consultants design and integrate solutions that read barcodes and compare them with the GS1 template directly on printing machines or label printers. This code quality control configuration provides 100% assurance that only compliant codes are distributed.

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