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Introducing a software package for comprehensive supply chain management.
Here are the redefined solutions for the retail, logistics and manufacturing segments.
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Category Management

Category Management

Solutions and products

Assortment planning, planogram creation, optimization.

Consulting and services

Implementations, integrations, testing and support, development and training.
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Demand & Fulfillment

Solutions and products

Advanced demand planning and sales forecasting.
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Consulting and services

Assortment planning, planogram creation, optimization.
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Warehouse Management

Solutions and products

Warehouse management from receipt to release of goods.
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Consulting and services

Training and support. Implementations, integrations and development of WMS systems.
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Solutions and products

Assortment planning, planogram creation, optimization.
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Consulting and services

Implementations, integrations, testing and support, development and training.
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Category Management

Assortment planning, planogram creation, optimization.

Demand & Fulfillment

Advanced demand planning and sales forecasting.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management from receipt to release of goods.

Labor Management

Personnel management and performance analysis.


Warehouse Management

Training and support. Implementations, integrations and development of WMS systems.

Category Management

Implementations, integrations, testing and support, development and training.


This is much more than a procedure for organizing shelves.

Demand & Fulfillment

Assortment planning, planogram creation, optimization.

Luminate Platform

Digitization has allowed manufacturers and retailers to better respond to spikes in demand. To keep pace with it, supply chains must now become living and fluid ecosystems managed centrally. Synchronize your planning, execution, labor, e-commerce and delivery solutions to seamlessly optimize your end-to-end business and workforce with the Luminate® platform. Leverage industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, workflow-based user environments and real-time connectivity to better predict, prevent and resolve disruptions across the enterprise.

Your benefits:


Leverage the most powerful supply chain ecosystem with continuous access to market-leading, evolving applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Deliver at scale, quickly and efficiently with AI/ML-based analytics for better visibility and faster decision-making.


Flexibility to extend, customize and innovate with an enriched library of user interface components, microservices and APIs.


A single, stable solution, from planning to execution, will connect all the processes implemented by your organization.


Category Management

At the heart of any commercial process is category management, that is, assortment planning and the creation of a and planogram management, As well as macro planning.

Category Management solutions are crucial for any retail chain in terms of the need to rationalize its assortment. It’s very important that a particular product is on time, on the right shelf and in the right store.

Category Management enables more effective creation of precise planograms, for the level of the entire store (space planning) as well as creation of advanced plans for assortment distribution in the store (floor planning). Among the advanced features of Category Management software, it is also worth mentioning assortment management, or the function of simplifying planogram generation.

Learn all the functionality of Category Management:

Channel Clustering

  • Group stores by category taking into account factors such as sales, local demand and demographics.
  • Emphasis on representative groups instead of individual stores.
  • Optimal number of assortment plans.


  • Assortment planning that takes into account available shelf space.
  • Assortment recommendation based on sales, shopper data, but also substitutability data.
  • Tactics defined at both product and assortment tree levels.

Space Planning

  • Ability to create varied planogram visualizations.
  • Powerful analytics that allow the creation of formula-based reports.
  • Express product substitution on all planograms.
  • Drag & drop product and equipment libraries.

Planogram Generator

  • Optimization of planograms taking into account defined merchandising rules – store-specific furniture shelves, sales from individual stores and local assortment.
  • Automated creation of store-specific planograms.

Floor Planning

  • Intuitive store space management presented in an accessible graphical form.
  • Analytics to support space alignment with category sales performance.
  • Direct integration with planograms.
  • Use of DXF and Revit files in creating floorplans.

Open Access

  • Automated publication of planograms & floor plans based on statuses and data from Category Knowledge Base.
  • All stores are automatically assigned planograms and floorplans.
    Quick, direct feedback to headquarters.
Your benefits:


sales growth


inventory reduction


OOS reductions


productivity growth


Demand & Fulfillment

Customers want and can get a variety of goods delivered to them within hours. Make it their expectations that steer the supply chain.

The Demand software package is a tool for accurate demand planning on the basis of historical information and analysis using algorithms based on machine learning technology. By using the Demand solution, you will know what you will sell, to whom, when and in what quantity.

Demand is a sophisticated tool that uses the customer demand history of your company to create an accurate forecast of future demand. You can then use this forecast to drive planning for distribution, manufacturing, materials, and transportation.


  • Statistical modeling
    Advanced demand models.
  • Shaping demand
    Price management and promotions.
  • Implementation of a new product
    Optimize process and efficiency.
  • Digital supply chain
    The potential of big and master data and IoT.
  • One vision of demand
    Supply chain stakeholder collaboration.
  • Forecast management
    Effectively manage millions of SKUs.

Data aggregation

  • Demand allows you to collect information from suppliers, marketers and other sources to further improve the accuracy of your forecast. For example, if your company manufactures computers, you might gather information from chip suppliers regarding new technology and from retailers regarding customer buying habits to create a forecast that is much more accurate.

  • Adding such data is called judgement forecasting and is incorporated into your forecast by manually adding overrides, locking the forecast, entering targets, or modifying other values or parameters.

Measurable effects

  • Increased sales due to better product availability and also better pricing and promotional strategies at all stages of the product life cycle, leading to desired financial targets.
  • Improved margin due to a reduction in overdue products and lower discounts resulting from improved forecast accuracy assigning the right product to the right location.
  • Reduced inventories throughout the supply chain resulting from reduced demand volatility
    and the use of a single forecast throughout the supply chain.
  • Improved inventory availability and turnover by smoothing demand variability across the retail network and increasing synchronization in the supply chain.
  • Increased scheduler productivity with virtually maintenance-free forecasting capabilities.
  • Improved forecast accuracy due to advanced statistical analysis capabilities
    and the ability to segment demand streams
    and forecasting at multiple levels of the hierarchy.
  • Cross functional consensus on forecasts derived from forward visibility
    and the ability to display and compare the forecast in multiple ways.

Sales forecast

  • Leading companies are led by a single voice specified in the sales forecast – their customers. A good sales forecast is a must:
  • Accurate and connect precisely with other planning and execution processes.
  • Have the support of all stakeholders who will benefit from the forecast.
  • Be prepared and managed in an efficient manner.

Maximum precision

  • Blue Yonder Demand offers advanced demand forecasting solutions using world-class algorithms.
  • The system handles forecasting challenges, covering promotions, new products and external events such as weather. Industry standards
    and patented algorithms take into account different sales patterns using Machine Learning.
  • Forecasts are generated at different levels of the hierarchy to better account for trends
    and seasonality. Integrating promotion and price management with sales forecasts enables better demand shaping.
  • The system forecasts sales across all channels independently, offering tools for analyzing performance and managing exceptions.


Warehouse Management

Blue Yonder Warehouse Management system is dedicated to companies with the most complex needs, implementing complex processes.

If you want to be competitive, you need to constantly improve the accuracy of your operations and increase the efficiency of your warehouse operations. The flow of goods in your warehouse – from the yard to the shipping dock – requires a stable next-generation solution.

HKK Group has been a partner of Blue Yonder (formerly JDA) and RedPrairie for more than a decade. This has given us exceptional competence in the design, development and implementation of complex WMS projects. Customers from different industries with various scale of operations rely their business capabilities on long term relation with our team.

Blue Yonder WMS is a leader in the global Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ ranking for warehouse management systems.

The system provides capabilities that will allow you to implement and develop logistics strategies as your business grows. You will stay competitive and deliver your promise to customers. Thanks to extensive standard functionalities, it is possible to easily and quickly integrate logistics automation elements into the processes supervised by the system.

We have been a certified implementer of BlueYonder solutions in Poland and Europe for several years.
Your benefits:


elimination of mistakes


cost reductions


productivity growth
BY Warehouse System Management's core functionality:

Inbound operations

  • Shortest Dock-to-Stock time is crucial to allow for immediate availability of incoming inventory for allocation and shipment.
  • Within BY WMS you have the flexibility and freedom to choose fastest receiving method and optimal putaway strategy to suit the product specifics and distribution strategies.
  • To support retail network distribution Warehouse Management offers advanced cross-docking capabilities and put-to-store strategies.
  • If returns are key for your e-Commerce operations, you have extensive returns capabilities on-hand that allow for fastest availability of returned inventory for sales operations.

Inventory management

  • Once recorded, lot numbers and serial numbers can be tracked and used for paging actions or withholding goods at various storage levels.
  • Extensive work order capabilities allow for Value Added Services – from labelling through promotional kitting and de-kitting to complex component assembly for automotive and machinery.
  • Replenishment and cycle counting capabilities will maximize resource utilization and speed up outbound operations.

Outbound operations

  • For smooth, efficient and accurate outbound BY WMS provides multiple picking methods, cartonization, parcel manifesting, order consolidation and sequenced loading.
  • Touch screen repack capabilities and in-line parcel execution support smooth e-Comm operations.
  • To further improve warehouse efficiency, various Material Handling Equipment may be integrated within the outbound operations: from Pick-By-Light, through voice solutions, conveyors, sorters, ASRS up to AGVs and AMRs. You choose the MHE – we support the integration!
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Case study

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics is one of the leading logistics service providers in Poland, operating worldwide. As a trusted land, sea and air freight forwarder, the company also provides contract logistics and warehousing services.

Warehouse management from Blue Yonder has provided ROHLIG SUUS with a stable and easily configurable solution that can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT environments, enabling the company to grow its contract logistics business while establishing itself as a true transportation logistics expert and a partner that customers can trust.


Labor Management

Introducing a powerful tool for managing employees at a distribution center or warehouse.

It allows continuous analysis of employee efficiency in relation to predefined parameters and provides solutions for possible improvements. The ability to define personalized dashboards or notifications allows for precise control of crew performance.

To effectively cope with workforce challenges you can either turn to automation and robotics or you can leverage the greatest asset you have: the workforce. Staffing generates the highest costs in your distribution center, but if you manage people with Labor Management, you can unlock employee potential and develop employee engagement and productivity to improve customer service.

Selected dashboards of the Labor Management suite:

Performance management

Driving action and change through a better understanding of efficiency, effectiveness and overall productivity.

Integrated labor management

Accurately forecast long-term labor demand based on both historical data and labor content.

Optimizing efficiency

Understand efficiency, effectiveness and overall productivity and use the information to drive action and change.

Audyt u klienta

Labor Management provides you with granular visibility and understanding of workforce productivity. Having that you can reduce employee turnover and training costs for temporary workforce.

With that powerful management tool, you set the standards and performance expectations, track activities, make employees more accountable and empower managers to mentor their teams.

By leveraging dashboards and alerts you will always be aware of operation performance, exceptions and opportunities that arise. Managers can address issues through daily observations and coaching. Employees can profit of standardized processes, performance awareness and job recognition.

Intra-day planning allows for addressing concerns before becoming issues. Long-term planning gives insight into future headcount requirements to ensure that right number of skilled employees are available exactly when needed to fulfill the demand.

Your benefits:


Productivity growth


lower labor costs


increase in commitment


Implementations and integrations of WMS systems

We deliver real results in the shortest possible time. As a result, the return on your investment will be quick and guaranteed.

Our team of consultants and project managers with several years of experience focuses on actual business needs, selecting such system parameters that will guarantee the most efficient operation of the warehouse. They will also take care of the technical aspects of WMS operation related to the creation of new, customized system functions.

We use the proven Blue Yonder Enterprise Methodology (BYEM), which enables projects to be implemented efficiently, on schedule and on budget, and with minimal risk.

Once everything is clear and described in functional and technical specifications, we install and configure the system and then help prepare and conduct tests. Together we decide on data migration and production takeoff. During and immediately after the launch, our consultants support users in quickly mastering operations and making good use of the knowledge gained during training.


A WMS works best in an integrated environment – it’s often not just an ERP system, but also a TMS, Labor Management, sales platform or courier systems. Our consultants can translate messages between any collaborating applications – whether it’s an in-house ecommerce platform or complex systems like SAP or Oracle.

We are specialists in Integrator – it is a tool that handles any integration perfectly and provides flexibility and operational reliability, including in integration with warehouse automation.

Integration is a key stage of the implementation plan – depending on the number of interfaces, it can take up to several weeks and is only completed when we consider that the cooperating systems are working as you intended and the transactional data is properly reconciled.

We have extensive experience in integrating BlueYonder products with voice picking solutions (we are a certified VoCollect Partner), Cubiscan dimensioning equipment, or internal logistics process automation solutions.


Already during the initial presentation, we will draw your attention to specific capabilities of the system that can significantly improve operations and enhance the quality of your services. During the project, at the stage of analyzing current processes and designing their future shape, we will use the knowledge from previous consultations and our previous experience to work with your team to design the best solution for your business.

We are aware that change in process always requires attention and critical revision of assumptions – but we also know that it pays off! Taking advantage of opportunities to automate and diversify the process – especially for picking or shipment preparation tasks – can yield quick results.

The production launch marks the closure of the implementation project – but also the opening of the continuous improvement phase of the system. Your specialists are already well trained and can take care of system performance and smooth processes. They are also able to adapt the configuration to changing business requirements.

And when business expectations require additional resources – HKK consultants will join the team and help prepare process modifications, additional reports and labels, integration with a new parent or transportation system, and offer the training necessary to take your team’s competence to the next higher level.


Training, support, development of WMS system

Continuous education and learning more about the system's features is the basis for a successful WMS implementation.

From the first training session, we familiarize key users and administrators with the system’s functions, show the possibilities of configuration and integration with the IT environment.

Prior to the production launch, we prepare the project team to conduct tests, develop documentation and conduct end-user training. Once the new system is in production, we help key users and trainers expand their knowledge of advanced functionality and learn new skills. We can arrange training sessions on, for example, reports, label preparation, launching new modules or configuration expansion.


Each information system after the configuration stage should be tested according to the developed test scenarios in order to minimize the risk of error in the production environment. We offer services of manual and automatic testing of new WMS functionalities before their production implementation in the warehouse IT infrastructure.

Support is already available during implementation – our consultants help maintain system availability during testing, Go-Live preparation and during production launch (hypercare). The support service is provided by consultants who know your configuration – so they always know where and what to look for.

During normal operations, for critical requests, our support services are available 24/7 in Polish and English. We help solve problems quickly and efficiently, without compromising your operations.

In special situations, the manufacturer’s participation in solving a problem or preparing a fix is required – our consultants then work closely with Blue Yonder engineers and customer specialists. As a result, the downtime or slowdown of operations is reduced to a minimum.

The configuration capabilities of BY WMS are extensive and require a critical approach during the pre-implementation analysis stage. We never encourage a wishful thinking approach – according to the principle of ‘and maybe it will come in handy’. Instead, we help you implement those features that are essential to your business. This will get your system off to a fast start and quickly gain momentum.

Once the system is running stably and giving momentum to your operations, it’s time to get busy turning up the pace – launching new features, tuning and automating processes. Together, we will determine the path forward for your system and provide the expertise and resources to implement this plan.

WMS development is a continuous and cyclical process – individual development projects may run in parallel and may require more resources than currently available in the client’s team. HKK consultants will join the project team on time and to the extent necessary to launch the project quickly and at low cost.

Upgrading to a new version can be crucial to system performance and reliability – if your WMS hasn’t been updated in several years, it’s time to think about it. Our consultants will introduce the new features and advise on how to use them. If you have been using a lot of modifications so far – you may find that they are no longer necessary to the same extent as before. This can help save on upgrade and support costs.


Services for Category Management

From pre-implementation analysis through implementation, training, support and development. Trust the experts.

Our professional services will help you effectively implement your chosen solution and take care of its updates. With the help of our consultants, you will define the right business approach in category management, and this will allow you to adjust the available system tools accordingly.

You invest in solutions that are comprehensive, reliable and scalable. Our job is to help you tailor them to the specifics of your business. Our consultants are specialists in the field – they have the knowledge and experience necessary for successful system implementation and integration into your business environment. You need the right implementation partner for a quick return on investment and seamless implementation.

HKK has a wealth of experience in ensuring the process goes successfully, on time and on budget, all backed by a large pool of satisfied customers. Our consultants are specialists in the integration of external systems, giving you, above all, the ability to import product, sales and store data.


You invest in solutions that are comprehensive, reliable and scalable. Our job is to help you tailor them to the specifics of your business. Our consultants are specialists in the field – they have the knowledge and experience necessary for successful system implementation and integration into your business environment.

Together, we start by translating operational assumptions and business requirements into functional and technical specifications. We analyze the gaps (gap analysis) and find the right solutions to ensure a smooth implementation.

In the project team, our consultants share their knowledge and experience with your specialists and work together to implement the project on schedule. We use a proven and effective methodology, so we are always on the same page.

Mature businessman in factory thinking

You need the right implementation partner for a quick return on investment and seamless implementation. HKK has a wealth of experience in ensuring the process goes successfully, on time and on budget, all backed by a large pool of satisfied customers.

Based on best practices and proven Blue Yonder Enterprise Methodology – it’s a template for step-by-step success. You will quickly reach the expected value.

A fully trained implementation team can handle any form of implementation, no matter what the licensing method. We are prepared to implement for you Category Management On-premise solutions as well as those in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service), starting from single system modules and ending with an extensive network supporting micro and macro categories.


Category Management is the heart of a company’s commercial processes. It allows to make the most appropriate choices supported by a wide range of analyses. Of course, the process wouldn’t be so elaborate if it weren’t for data from integrated environments.

Our consultants are specialists in the integration of external systems, giving you, above all, the ability to import product, sales and store data. A component of each implementation plan is a workshop during which we conduct a mapping of the relevant data exchange fields together with you.

External systems feeding Category Management with data is the basis for a correct management process. But what about user comfort? We are also rushing to help in this field. We integrate manufacturer-prepared solutions (such as automatic import of product images) as well as dedicated personalizations, which most often serve to improve the user experience.


Training, support, development of CatMan systems

Our training team is made up of certified Blue Yonder consultants.

During the first workshop in the implementation process, we introduce users to the functionality of each module in order to correctly understand the optimal business process, using Blue Yonder tools.

Prior to the production launch, we conduct training of key users and end-users, preparing the entire team for a smooth change in the way work is done. In a situation where there is already a fully implemented Category Management system in the company, we help with the introduction of new users or help those already working to get to a higher level of sophistication.

It is easy to see that already at the stage of business meetings we get hooked on consultation by discussing processes and opportunities for optimization.

During the implementation process, our experienced consultants, based on the knowledge gained through courses, training and, most importantly, experience from past Category Management system implementations, will help you design or remodel your current process in a way that will bring tangible benefits. For each project implemented by HKK, we prepare an individual business specification, allowing us to estimate the added values after implementation at an early stage.

The production launch is the stage that completes the implementation process, but certainly does not close the development. Business expectations in this connection often require additional resources – HKK consultants are ready to support you in continuous improvement by modifying applications, running additional reports, expanding the system by adding integrations with external software.


The knowledge gained, in particular, during the implementation of Category Management solutions, allows the application of a system configuration appropriate to the requirements of the process. With such solutions, the system will take off in a short time and quickly gain momentum. Speed in development sometimes requires unconventional methods of adapting the solution. The HKK team has extensive experience in personalizing deployed solutions adding tremendous value.

Using the latest version of the system you have is key to the proper development of your business. Reported expectations for additional functionality are extremely important information for Blue Yonder. The manufacturer takes into account customer or partner demand when designing updates. Therefore, each new version is in line with the expectations of active users.

The process of running the update may turn out to be more complicated than we thought. This is because each configuration is business-specific and the key issue is not to lose it during the migration. In such situations, HKK’s team of consultants is here to help. We implement upgrades keeping all the necessary rules for this process – we prepare a backup of data, configurations, created interfaces and smoothly transition to the new version without losing the facilities developed so far.


Merchandising consultation

The appearance of the store is the showcase of your business, and Merchandising is more than a procedure to organize the shelves.

It plays an extremely important role in the image-building process, and is one of the most essential aspects of any establishment’s operations. Continuous development and improvement is important in business. That’s why it’s so important to tap into new trends and technologies.

Merchandising consultation will be an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who aim to: increase the effectiveness of product sales, improve the overall image of the store and avoid empty shelves.

As part of the consultation, we will help you develop a sales strategy that will include, among other things:

  • Even better understanding of consumer habits and decisions at the point of sale.
  • Activation of product sales, through appropriate selection of assortment taking into account customer preferences and needs and market trends.
  • Optimal placement of products on store shelves through visualizations in the form of planograms, including issues of visibility and availability.

Through merchandising consultations, you will know how to use sales tools in your business to achieve more sales and profit, and increase customer loyalty.

This area of supporting the retail industry belongs in our team to Damian Sekula, whose experience and skills are backed by, among others:

  • Several years of experience in Blue Yonder Category Management.
  • Prepare market analyses to determine development trends based on sales data.
  • Prepare sales analysis to optimize products to meet customers’ purchasing needs.
  • Creating visualization of products on store shelves (planograms) and visualization of store plan (floorplan).
merch konsultacje


Demand & Fulfillment Services

From pre-implementation analysis through implementation, training, support and development. Trust Blue Yonder accredited consultants.

Our professional services – from pre-implementation analysis through implementation, training, support and development – will help you successfully implement your chosen solution and keep it up to date.

Our consultants will help reflect the processes in forecasting as well as replenishment and show how to better use the available system tools. And when the business makes new demands – we will help you quickly adjust your system and prepare for further challenges.

Our Blue Yonder accredited consultants are prepared to implement for you a solution from the Demand and Fulfillment suite as SaaS (Software as a Service), including only those modules that address your business needs.

We conduct the implementation project using Agile methodology, so we deliver value to the organization early on in the implementation process. Working closely with Product Owners ensures rapid responsiveness on the project and full visibility into the project.

The configuration possibilities of BY Demand and Fulfillment are extensive and require a thorough approach at the inquiry stage. We never encourage a wishful thinking approach – according to the principle of ‘and maybe it will come in handy’. Instead, we help you implement those features that are essential to your business. This will ensure that the system takes off in the shortest possible time and quickly gains momentum.


There are several standard training courses we can provide, both for new users of the system and for the entire team as part of the system implementation.

  • Demand – Strategic Concept – this training will provide an overview of Demand, its features, benefits and business value.
  • Demand 360 – this training will take you through the key features of Demand 360, how to use the demand sheet to view, analyze forecast data, edit it and view the impact of changes made.
  • Demand – this training will take you through the key features of Demand, how to work in the Demand Workbench, various forecasting techniques, the importance of market data in forecasting, and how to manage a product throughout its life cycle.
  • Fulfillment – Strategic Concept – this training will provide an overview of Fulfillment, its features, benefits and business value.
  • Order Optimization – Strategic Concept – This training provides a summary of the main capabilities of the Order Optimization application and how these capabilities help mitigate purchasing challenges and inventory management issues. It provides an overview of the order optimization process and the algorithms that ensure the functionality of this process.

Knowledge base - downloadable materials

Flyer – Blue Yonder Warehouse Management

Flyer – Blue Yonder Category Management

Flyer – Blue Yonder Demand & Fulfillment

We are at your service

Mariusz Szymański

Business Development Manager

Mariusz advises clients on the benefits of Blue Yonder brand solutions – primarily Blue Yonder WMS, but also Blue Yonder Category Management, or Blue Yonder Demand & Fulfilment. Mariusz has years of experience in digitizing business processes using innovative software solutions.

Damian Sekuła

Category Management and Warehouse Management Application Consultant.

Damian has extensive experience in Blue Yonder Category Management services and solutions. He is an expert at developing market analyses to identify growth trends based on sales data, as well as optimizing product portfolios with customers’ purchasing needs in mind. Privately passionate about scuba diving, skiing, fine dining and cinema.

Maciej Krupa

WMS Account Manager

Maciej is a true expert on Blue Yonder systems. He has been dealing with enterprise-class solution implementations for many years. He supports customers in Europe in selecting the right solutions, resulting in a fast and effective implementation of a WMS, or Category Management system. Privately, Maciej is an avid sportsman – a runner, cyclist, footballer and a great supporter of the idea of sustainable development.

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