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Decora S.A. - centrum dystrybucji
Decora S.A. is a multinational manufacturing company focusing on the production of high-tech products. It is a European leader in the production of vinyl panels and accessories for all types of flooring. Decora S.A.'s products are made at two production facilities with the participation of more than 600 employees.

The company has been investing in research and development, in the development of new technologies, new products and machinery for many years. It has its own research and development laboratory where it tests more than 100 types of flooring each year, which helps create the best-fitting accessories. The company sells its products on five continents, although its focus is on European Union markets. Decora’s products can be found in all EU countries, both under its own brands (Arbiton, Ewifoam, Afirmax, Vidella) and those of its partners.

  • Location: Środa Wielkopolska, Poland
  • Industry: manufacturing of floor underlay
  • Website: www.decora.pl


Description of implementation

Together with our client, we adopted the goal of implementing a comprehensive and consistent signage system as an integral part of the infrastructure of a modern distribution center.

The operation of the customer’s warehouse is supported by a WMS warehouse management system.
Therefore, the decision was made to implement system labeling, which is essential for the proper operation of the system. It included WMS location labels, location address boards, marking of aisle and rack numbers, marking of storage bays for the picking stage, and marking of gate numbers.

The second type of signage provided has an informational function, and also supports communication within the facility (wayfinding). These include. marking of technical rooms, offices or sanitary facilities in the form of placards or wall-mounted letters.

Each type of signage implemented in the warehouse was designed and manufactured based on the best industry standards, both in terms of usability and quality. An additional advantage is that the signage was able to be designed taking into account elements of the client ‘s brand and corporate identity (colors and company logo).


Implemented solutions


Our customer's opinion

We confidently recommend HKK Group as a reliable and trustworthy partner. We are very pleased with the high quality of the signage.

Decora S.A. - nowe centrum dystrybucji

“The implementation of a comprehensive warehouse labeling system by HKK Group proved essential for the efficient operation of our distribution center. Labeling supports the daily operation of the warehouse by being an integral part of the WMS system, as well as having an informative function.

We are very pleased with the high quality of the signage, both in terms of the materials used, the quality of the printing and the visual aesthetics. The installation of the signs was carried out in a reliable and safe manner, which translates into our trust in the contractor. The project was able to be completed on schedule, which is very important from the point of view of the work of the warehouse, where there is no room for delays or work stoppages. We also appreciate the approach and flexibility shown by HKK Group throughout the implementation process.

We confidently recommend HKK Group as a reliable and trustworthy partner for similar projects.”

Renata Garczarek
Logistics Manager | Decora S.A.


Implementation of a comprehensive signage system in the warehouse of Decora S.A. Distribution Center.

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