Mobile terminals, data collectors, mobile computers

Mobile terminals and forklift terminals, are mobile computers with a convenient and ergonomic design that will work well for everyday work in logistics or production departments. The devices, thanks to their integration with a barcode reader, offer a wide range of possibilities in the area of automatic data identification (ADC).


Data collectors

This type of mobile computer (warehouse terminal), combined with a warehouse management system (WMS), provides an even more optimal work environment for warehouse workers. The mobile computer monitor displays messages and tasks that guide operators as they perform their daily tasks. Thanks to the integration of a barcode reader (or imager that can read 2D or QR codes), it is possible to confirm the completion of tasks by scanning the product code or warehouse location.


Vehicle-mounted collectors

Vehicle-mounted computers are mobile devices equipped with special systems absorbing the shock associated with the movement of a forklift through a warehouse. Vehicle-mounted computers can be connected to a barcode or 2D/QR code reader via a number of standard interfaces, giving the operator the freedom to scan the codes without leaving the vehicle. The large size of the forklift touch screen allows any forklift operator to freely navigate the WMS.


Wearable collectors

This is the latest trend in internal logistics management. Traditional mobile computers (data collectors), despite their increasingly compact form factor, are an element that can be problematic in long-term operation. They force the operator to put them down every time in a situation such as the need to reach or put down an object. It is for this reason that wearable solutions are being developed that can be worn by operators virtually unnoticeably, leaving their hands free while working.


Zebra Smart Glasses HD4000

One variation of wearable devices can be smart glasses (smart glasses), which, when combined with the right software, can provide a kind of navigation for any warehouse perator.

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