Barcode scanner

Barcode scanner, qr code readers, 2D code reader. The devices commonly referred to as code scanners are those that can read barcodes or other data coding systems applied to a self-adhesive label or directly to a specific item (DPM-directed part marking).


Industrial readers

Barcode scanners, especially those used as handheld devices, come in two basic variants, depending on the degree of tightness and durability of their construction. Industrial scanners are ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications. Dust, moisture, or other adverse factors are no problem for them.


General-purpose scanners

They work better in office environments or warehouses, which tend to be room temperature and lack dust or dirt. These are very efficient devices that, when used properly, can last for many years without losing performance or functionality.


Handheld barcode scanners

Barcode scanners can be used as handheld devices that allow the user to read codes. This configuration of the scanner, its compact size, the ability to adjust the reading distance (from a few centimeters to even several meters) make the readers an inseparable part of the logistics or production process.


Automated barcode scanners

Automated scanners are devices that are permanently mounted on production lines, cash registers, or other process-critical locations, depending on business needs. Such devices automate the reading process, greatly increasing its efficiency.


Barcode scanners

Barcode scanners typically operate with laser technology, allowing for fast and error-free reading. Such solutions are perfect for logistics or retail.


Vision scanners for 2D/QR codes

Modern business is increasingly moving to encoding in other systems (for example, 2D datamatrix codes, or QR codes). If such symbology is used, or if it is necessary to read the code from a mobile device, it is better to use imager readers. Such solutions provide the ability to read multiple codes simultaneously and can feed data from codes and alphanumeric descriptions into IT systems.

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