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About us

HKK Group
One company, many possibilities!

We have been helping companies to optimize their logistics and production processes for 30 years.

We work with Customers in almost every industry and every organization size. Optimization needs in these areas of business operations are diverse. In order to meet them, we have adopted the concept of the broadest possible holistic profile for our business. The HKK Group (historically HIT – Kody Kreskowe) consists of the departments of IT Systems, Software Development, Auto ID Devices, Signage and Digital Printing, Automation Solutions, Labels and Service. Thanks to this broad structure, we are able to help you in a comprehensive way.

Dział sprzętowy i IT
Our Partners:

This is how we work – the principles
we follow!

What matters is acting wisely, efficiently and effectively.

This motto guides our Advisors, Consultants, Printers, and Analysts. We are guided by the following principles, among others:

Integrity and knowledge

We transparently and honestly analyze the challenges presented to us by our clients, and then present a way to solve them in the most effective way.

Diligence and reliability

We perform all our tasks reliably. The projects our associates undertake are executed from start to finish. Our philosophy is to actually solve the challenges we face.

Focus on results

Already during the analysis, our client learns what the real results from the cooperation will be. Our goal is to ensure that the results expected are those actually achieved.

Some history

We have been operating in the market for almost 30 years.

The beginning of our adventure in the world of automatic identification dates back to 1993 (under a different legal form). We have been operating under our present name and organizational form since 1997. Each year, the number of our associates, the markets we serve, or the systems and technologies we implement grows.

years of experience
90 +
supported countries

It is not just about business, but also environmental impact

We want our work to be focused on more than just achieving results.

For years, we have been implementing programs to reduce our impact on the external environment. At the same time, we care about the comfort and safety of our associates and address important social issues.

Ekologia w HKK

We hold ISO Management System Certificates

ISO 9001:2015 certification

ISO 14001:2015 certification

In 2024, we obtained certification for the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System standard and renewed certification to meet the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standard.

We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2006 and ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2018. All certificates were issued by the world’s leading classification society DNV.

Certifications include the following: design and implementation of logistics systems, sales, service and integration of automatic data identification equipment, logistics consulting. Printing production of labels, production and assembly of marking systems

We focus on transparency in our operations

Code of ethics

Our company conducts its business in compliance with laws and non-binding regulations on human and labor rights. Each of us has the right to our own beliefs and respect.

Code for suppliers

The document presents a set of principles that are important to us. We want our business to influence their popularization among our partners, whom we encourage to use them.

Environmental Report 2023

In the report, we describe the totality of measures implemented, including investments in sustainability, green production and energy, water management or labor issues.

Quality and environmental policy

In the report, we describe the totality of measures implemented, including investments in sustainability, green production and energy, water management or labor issues.

We have our own know-how
cooperation with the Customer

Because the most important thing is satisfaction with the results.

ATOM, is our method of 4 consecutive steps that are a direct result of complementary processes.



This is the initial stage of our joint adventure with the Customer. We learn about the specifics of the challenge ahead.



Based on the problem analysis, we create a change concept that will lead to the result the Customer expects.



At this stage of the cooperation, we “transfer the ownership” of the change created during the project. This is when the Customer learns how to function in the new, improved process.



We want to know whether the implemented project produced the expected results. At this stage, we observe the effects of changes and verify whether there is a need for improvement.

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Audyt u klienta

100% transparency

The projects we conduct are transparent from the very first step (Assess) and remain so until the end (Measure). The Customer is aware of what to expect from us, knows the direction and process path, and is kept informed about the progress.

Procedures tailored to the Customer’s needs

While we believe that standardization is the key to reducing project costs, we also recognize that every project is different. Standard processes should be optimized to meet the needs and expectations of each Customer. . In our philosophy, they are always tailor-made.

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