Permanent marking

Permanent marking, also called Direct Part Marking, ensures effective traceability of a product for many years after application, even if the part is partially destroyed. Permanent marking with the use of codes (especially two-dimensional) has become a standard in industries where durability is critical.

These industries are primarily:


Laser marking

One of the most popular ways to permanently mark a product is with a laser. Our Consultants help choose the right laser marking solutions by analyzing the material the part is made of as well as the information regarding the marking speed and the environment in which the marking is to take place. In our implementations of DPM systems, we use lasers from renowned suppliers, Datalogic and CAB.


Reading DPM codes

A permanent code (DPM) applied to a part needs to be read in a logistics or production process. Specially designed DPM code readers need to be used to effectively read DPM codes. The main difference between a barcode scanner/2D code scanner and a DPM reader is the integration of special illumination modules in the DPM reader, which makes it easier to read codes placed on difficult surfaces.

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