Warehouse Management System

A modern warehouse cannot operates without appropriate IT facilities. Coding system technology revolutionizes the organization of internal logistics processes. IT Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) take advantage of barcodes and 2D codes.


Receiving, storage, and shipping – operations that are the core of warehouse logistics

WMS-class solutions significantly facilitate the organization of logistics in areas that are critical to any warehouse. During the receiving process, every smallest countable unit of goods is assigned a unique number, enabling precise tracking in the warehouse. In the storage phase, the WMS selects the most optimal storage location based on product size, rotation frequency, and subsequent picking route. The shipping area is streamlined by managing the picking of goods and preparing them for shipment.


Greater transparency, reliable information, satisfied Customers

An undoubted advantage of using a WMS in a warehouse is the increased transparency of its operation. Assigning a unique number to each unit of goods enables real-time tracking and speeds up the process of locating specific items. Inventorying in a WMS becomes extremely simple and intuitive, making it easier to comply with regulatory requirements. Integration of extensive data – e.g. information on product dimensions – enables even better organization of shipments by suggesting the most appropriate packaging for specific dimensions. With a WMS, your Customers will appreciate the speed, accuracy, and transparency with which your warehouse operates.


The highest standards of e-commerce logistics

Recent years have seen a major acceleration in e-commerce and multi-platform trade. Dedicated logistics for the e-commerce industry must take into account the complex nature of this sector. Its main features are: strong emphasis on fast order fulfillment, minimizing the number of order lines, standardization of packaging selection, and automation of courier shipping orders. Our WMS solutions include volumetric capabilities, multi-order picking, and packaging support. Integration with the interfaces of systems used by most courier companies will further speed up the execution of orders.


Blue Yonder WMS

Our team of consultants has been successfully implementing advanced Blue Yonder WMS solutions (formerly known as RedPrairie WMS and JDA WMS) for over 10 years. Our implementation experience is not limited to the Polish market, but extends from the Baltic States, through Western and Southern Europe, to Israel. Blue Yonder WMS is a solution for the largest Customers with truly complex, global logistics. The solution has been at the top of the Gartner report for years. More information.



We also have our own WMS system, which comprehensively supports the functioning of warehouse logistics and production logistics departments. Join the group of over 40 satisfied customers who chose HKK WMS. The latest version of our system allows you to work both in the classic mode – installed on the customer’s local server, and in the cloud installation mode – under the constant supervision and care of our team of specialists.

Visualization of selected elements of the HKK WMS interface

Main functionalities:
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