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What is a thermal label and when can we use it?

Self-adhesive labels are a well-known carrier of information used in many areas of the modern economy. Depending on how they will be used, we choose the material from which they will be produced. In this article, we’ll explain the difference between the two groups, which material works better for logistics, which for manufacturing, and what we can achieve using label printers.

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What is RFID?

Automatic identification technologies are undergoing the most diverse changes. With the right systems in place, companies are able to streamline processes that require state-of-the-art solutions. One of them, is identification by radio waves. Below you will be able to read about the history of the origins of RFID, as well as a detailed description of how the technology works and examples of its application.

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Is it possible to implement a WMS in a short period of time?

We have been dealing with the subject of implementing systems for warehouse logistics for more than a dozen years. It is our extensive experience from more than dozens of successful implementations that has helped us develop an effective working methodology, the application of which allows us to launch the system in less than three months from the start of the project.

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HKK Group – We identify the path of your success!

We have been helping companies optimize their logistics and production processes for 30 years. We work with Customers in almost every industry and every organization size. HKK Group (historically HIT – Kody Kreskowe), is one of the main suppliers of Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic, CAB, Toshiba, Brother and Cubiscan equipment in Eastern Europe. We have a well-equipped printing plant capable of producing a wide variety of identification systems for warehouses, logistics and the retail industry.

We have been successfully implementing information systems for logistics and production for years. Our team of Programmers and Implementation Consultants, has completed dozens of implementations in Europe and Poland. We have 24/7 professional, multilingual support for our clients. Our offerings include: HKK WMS, Voice Picking picking solutions, MES system, BlueYonder Category Management, BlueYonder Demand, Fulfilment, Labor Management, BlueYonder WMS. We offer tools for: label design and mass print management, Soti mobile device fleet management or barcode-based digitization of business processes.

We offer automatic data identification devices for instant reading of barcodes or two-dimensional codes, printing self-adhesive labels, or automating logistics processes. We select, supply, implement and service equipment from many global manufacturers. Outline of our offer: Automation for logistics (Datalogic Matrix); Data collectors (Zebra terminal, Zebra MC, Honeywell terminals, Honeywell CT); Label printers and applicators (Zebra printer, Zebra ZT, CAB printer, Squix, Honeywell printer, Brother printer); RFID technology (rfid antennas, rfid reader); Barcode scanners (Datalogic scanner, Datalogic quickscan, Honeywell scanner, Zebra scanner, code scanners), Barcode quality verification (barcode verifiers), Panel computers, Industrial computers (Wincomm computer), Cubiscan dimensioning devices, Cubetape, Permanent marking (laser engraving).