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Logistics consulting isn't just about finding solutions, it's about partnerships that bring real benefits to your business. Logistics analysis and strategy, digitization of logistics, warehouse organization, optimization of logistics and intralogistics, warehouse automation design, RFID consulting, label design and much more.
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Why is it worth it?

Join the event and benefit from the knowledge of experts with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. During the seminar, you will be able to physically experience the course of the most important logistics processes, supported by the Digitio WMS warehouse management system and the most modern tools available on the market to support production processes.

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Why is it worth it?

With our 30 years of experience and expertise in the logistics field, we are able to offer comprehensive consulting services. We are confident that they will translate into real benefits and optimization of your company’s key processes. Our logistics consulting is the key to effective organization and efficiency in supply chain management.

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Mężczyzna obsługujący urządzenie Cubiscan 325

Dimensioning of products and packaging

Logistics and transportation organizations have always been looking to optimize the use of warehouses, vans, planes, containers and packaging in order to transport, or store, more. Cubiscan and Apache ‘s state-of-the-art automatic dimensioning systems make it possible to determine the dimensions of goods and their weight, without sacrificing process efficiency. An additional advantage of dimensioning devices is the ability to determine the weight of the goods without additional weighing. We’ll show you how sizing helps with logistics and advise which device will best meet your needs.


Warehouse marking

The primary task of warehouse labeling is the functional element, related to organizing the operation of the warehouse by the WMS class information system. Functional labeling is primarily labels on high-bay racks, floor labels, or overhead labels, which are used to determine the location of storage without error, and enable its identification by means of abarcode or two-dimensional datamatrix code, or RFID technology. Another element that should not be overlooked during warehouse efficiency improvement projects is the work order aspect associated with the introduction of informational signage and 5S


Label design

We offer consulting and outsourcing in the design and printing of self-adhesive barcode labels, product labels, logistics labels, information labels and more. We will advise on the best, cheapest and simplest solution tailored precisely to your needs, regardless of the scale of your business.


RFID consulting for logistics

Automatic identification technologies are undergoing the most diverse changes. With the right systems in place, companies are able to streamline processes that require state-of-the-art solutions. One of them is radio frequency identification, which, unlike barcode-based identification, does not require physical contact between the object being identified and the reader. The biggest advantage of RFID is the ability to fully automate identification.


Auto ID equipment selection and configuration

Once the equipment is sold, we guarantee assistance in case of wear and tear or possible damage that can happen during daily use of the equipment, when parts wear out or break down, when users inadvertently drop or damage the equipment, or when dirt, dust and debris get inside, which is a common affliction of label printers. If the equipment does not work properly, for the user it can mean downtime and costly repairs.


GS1 standards consulting

GS1 standards are used to identify products, logistics units, locations, assets and services. This makes it easier to integrate processes and manage supply chains. Full traceability of operations and visibility of items passing through the supply chain is made possible by identification numbers. They can be represented by an electronically readable bar code.

We are a GS1 certified partner for implementing standards in any organization.


WiFi network design

Modern information systems in the area of logistics and production logistics, require continuous access to a wireless network. Data exchange between the system and users is real-time. Our consultants audit, design and configure WiFi networks in warehouse and industrial facilities.

Kobieta korzystająca z Category Management Blue Yonder

Consulting for the Retail Sector

Consultation in the area of category management will help understand consumer behavior of customers, ensure proper placement of products on store shelves and increase sales of specific product categories. The consulting service can be part of the Blue Yonder system implementation, but is also offered standalone.