Smart warehouse
Harness the potential of new technologies.

HKK Group, Honeywell, and GS1 Poland, invite you to a seminar on harnessing the potential of modern technology in the operation of a smart warehouse.

We would like to thank all participants for attending the autumn edition of the seminar on modern warehouse logistics.

Registration form:

Dear all, we would like to inform you that we have finished accepting applications for the seminar. Thank you all for your interest, and for those of you who will not be able to attend the event this time, we already invite you to similar seminars, which we will certainly hold in 2024.

Contact and Information:

Bartłomiej Dobrzyński
Marketing Manager
tel. +48 721 688 787

Seminar Program:

Join the event and benefit from the knowledge of experts with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. During the seminar you will be able to physically experience the flow of the most important warehouse processes, supported by the most modern technology available on the market.

Hour. 9:30 – Registration

Hour. 10:00 – Start of the Seminar

Hour. 10:10 – Part 1 – Receiving and storage processes and warehouse volumetrics.

  • How to streamline the admission process using HKK WMS and modern Honeywell auto ID devices?
  • Improve the quality of basic product data with Cubiscan dimensioning devices.
  • Can you store goods better in your warehouse? New quality of space organization with professional warehouse signage.

Hour. 11:20 – Coffee break

  • For those interested, we will give presentations on operational intelligence issues and BlueYonder WMS.

Hour. 12:00 – Part 2 – Picking and release processes and the role of barcodes.

Hour. 13:30 – Lunch

Hour. 14:30 – Brewery tour and opportunity to taste kraft beer. An additional gift of a beer kit to take with you will await all seminar participants.

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We would like to thank all participants for attending the autumn edition of the seminar on modern warehouse logistics.

It was a great opportunity to learn about the latest solutions and trends in WMS software, AutoID hardware and signage. Thanks are, of course, due to our partners who supported us organizationally and substantively – Honeywell, GS1 Poland and Innoship.

During the seminar, we presented the basic warehouse processes taking place in HKK WMS such as receiving, warehousing, multi-order picking using Voice technology, ending with the release supported by the Innoship platform.

In the following panels, attendees could learn about the bestselling solutions from Honeywell’s range of terminals, scanners or label printers. We also talked about the real benefits of a proper master date by using Cubiscan and Apache dimensioning equipment from AKL-tec GmbH.

Our seminar also could not miss the knowledge of GS1 standards, barcodes, or 2D codes, which are increasingly used in extended product identification.

At the end there was a tour of the Wind Brewery combined with a passionate story about kraft beer, which was a gift for all our guests

See you at the next seminars in 2024!

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