Warehouse and manufacturing of the future
at your fingertips.

HKK Group, Zebra Technologies, GS1 Poland and Poznan University of Technology invite you to a seminar where we will present modern technologies and solutions to improve modern logistics and manufacturing processes.

We would like to thank all participants for attending the autumn edition of the seminar on modern warehouse logistics.

Registration form:

Dear all, in order to apply for participation in the seminar, please fill out the following registration form. Participation in the seminar is free of charge.

Dear all, we would like to inform you that we have finished accepting applications for the seminar. Thank you all for your interest, and for those of you who will not be able to attend the event this time, we are already inviting you to similar seminars, which we will certainly continue to hold this year.

Contact and Information:

Bartłomiej Dobrzyński
Marketing Manager
tel. +48 721 688 787

Seminar Program:

Join the event and benefit from the knowledge of experts with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. During the seminar, you will be able to physically experience the course of the most important logistics processes, supported by the Digitio WMS warehouse management system and the most modern tools available on the market to support production processes.

Hour. 9:30 – Registration, welcome coffee and refreshments.

Hour. 10:00Part 1 – The processes of receiving, storage, picking and releasing goods from the warehouse.

  • How to streamline the receiving process using a WMS and modern Zebra Auto ID devices?
  • Improve the quality of basic product data with Cubiscan dimensioning devices.
  • Can you store goods better in your warehouse? New quality of space organization with professional warehouse signage.
  • Picking and releasing goods from the warehouse: Zebra label printers and integration with courier systems.

Hour. 11:00 – Part 2 – Production Process Support.

  • Presentation of the Digitio Factory system offering advanced scheduling, statistical analysis and production forecasting based on Digital Twin technology.

Hour. 11:30 – Coffee break

Hour. 12:15 – Part 3 – Future technologies at your fingertips.

  • Modern solutions for manufacturing and logistics – Machine Vision and Fixed Industrial Scanning.
  • Everything you wanted to know about RFID, but were afraid to ask. 
  • Blue Yonder solutions and services – WMS, Category Management, Demand & Fulfillment.
  • Barcodes and GS1 standards for logistics and manufacturing.

Hour. 14:00 – Lunch

Hour. 14:45 – A tour of the Warsaw Breweries. A gift of a beer set to take with them will await seminar participants.

Contact and Information:

Bartłomiej Dobrzyński
Marketing Manager
tel. +48 721 688 787

Thanks are, of course, due to our partners who supported us organizationally and substantively – first and foremost Zebra Technologies, as well as GS1 Poland and Poznan University of Technology.

The seminar was an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest solutions and trends in WMS software, Auto ID hardware, Cubiscan dimensioning, or RFID technology. There was also plenty of space to introduce the top automation solutions, Machine Vision and Fixed Industrial Scanning, which our colleague Sulislaw Slomski did with his well-known enthusiasm.

Dr. Ing. Krzysztof Zywicki presented the effect of our past cooperation with Poznan University of Technology. We are talking about an integrated Manufacturing Operations Management platform, thanks to which entrepreneurs will be able to take full control of the processes taking place in their factories and warehouses The Digitio project was supported by funds from the National Research and Development Center.

In the following panels, participants were able to learn about new products from Zebra’s range of terminals and wearable solutions, presented by Marcin Kalisiak.

Maciej Krupa, responsible in our company for systems and solutions, also had his speech
Blue Yonder.
He inspired everyone with the topic of the learning supply chain (Cognitive Supply Chain) and the resulting real benefits for business.

The seminar could also not miss the knowledge of GS1 standards, barcodes, or 2D codes, which are increasingly used in extended product identification.

At the end, there was a meeting with a guide who told about the rich history of the Warsaw Breweries, where the seminar was held. Each participant also had the opportunity to sample a kraft beer.

See you at the next such events we will hold this year!

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