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It is worth doing good! Christmas collection for children.

We decided to join the Christmas campaign organized by the Dr. Clown Foundation for the benefit of children staying at the Wielkopolska Children's Health Center in Poznań.
Wizyta na oddziale

Thanks to the joint mobilization of our team, we were able to raise funds with which we bought toys. They were presented to the children by foundation volunteers who visited the hospital with Santa Claus.

This is certainly not the end of our interaction for the sake of the little ones, because it is worth doing good!

We want our work to be focused on more than just achieving results. For years, we have been implementing programs to reduce our negative impact on the external environment. At the same time, we care about the comfort and safety of our associates and address important social issues.

Dr. Foundation. Clown

The Dr. Clown Foundation was registered and organized in 1999. From the beginning, our goal has been to bring smiles where they are needed most – to patients in hospitals, struggling with pain, anxiety and loneliness


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