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Manufacturing 2024 conference – we support initiatives of the scientific community

A responsible business must be open to valuable initiatives. For this reason, we supported the organization of the International MANUFACTURING 2024 Conference, held at Poznan University of Technology. We know how important innovative technology is today, and we are also keen to actively support the local scientific community to help it realize its latent potential for the future.

May 14 - 16 | Poznan University of Technology

International Conference
Science and Technology

The purpose of the MANUFACTURING conference is to review the state of knowledge, present the results of scientific work, implementations and innovations, and create an international forum for the dissemination and exchange of experience in the fields of design and mechanical engineering, technology manufacturing, metrology, rapid prototyping and virtual reality, and production management.

In addition, the MANUFACTURING conference plays an integrative role for the scientific community with the economic environment. This enables the establishment of cooperation with partners from industry and business, as well as with domestic and foreign research and development centers.

The conference is organized by the Foundation for the Development of Poznan University of Technology and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at PP.


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