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Let’s talk about your magazine at Intralogistica

On January 24-26, we will participate in the premiere edition of the INTRALOGISTICA International Warehouse Logistics Fair. We invite you to our stand D3.12a
hkk intralogistica

The theme of our presence at the fair will be HKK WMS System and Cubiscan brand sizing equipment for logistics.

We will present a novelty: Cubiscan 75 Pro

Stand D3.12a


WMS system (warehouse management system), is an IT system for managing internal logistics processes. The areas that can be optimized using a WMS include, in particular:

  • processes related to the acceptance of goods into the warehouse
  • processes related to the storage of goods in the warehouse
  • processes related to the release of goods outside the warehouse.

The WMS class system achieves optimization goals in the areas mentioned above. This is done mainly through the use of modern automatic data identification technologies based on barcodes, two-dimensional codes or RFID, which allows contactless reading of product information.

The use of a WMS is one of the guarantees of business success and increased prospects for rapid growth in an increasingly competitive market. In our experience, a successful warehouse system implementation project brings a number of benefits that include, first and foremost:

Dimensioning in Cubiscan logistics

CUBISCAN ‘s dimensioning solutions are first and foremost tools that dramatically improve the quality of master data on products that are stored in the warehouse. One of themaster data elements(master data) is information about the weight and dimensions of products. Such data affects the following areas of warehouse operations.

The dimensioning process itself depends on the nature of the items we are dimensioning. Cubiscan offers solutions for dimensioning products with regular and irregular shapes, as well as solutions for dimensioning palletsFor both products and pallets, the dimensioning process is automated and takes seconds, and the result is very precise and can be automatically loaded into any external system.

New: Cubiscan 75 Pro

During the fair, we will present the latest device for instant and precise dimensioning of small and medium-sized goods Cubiscan 75 Pro.

INTRALOGISTICA International Warehouse Logistics Fair.

Such is the industry scope of no other event concerning the warehouse logistics sector in Poland. Intralogistica Poland Expo will be the place to get acquainted with innovative warehouse systems, warehouse equipment, automation and robotics systems, the latest software for intralogistics, as well as financing and training opportunities in the industry. This is a compendium of knowledge about the development and full offer of the sector, with which every person operating in this business should be familiar.

No other industry event offers such a wide range of opportunities to learn first-hand about the innovative solutions offered by leaders in the warehouse logistics sector. This, in turn, is thanks to the Ptak Warsaw Expo, which is the central trade fair point in Europe. The location of the halls favors the presence of foreign entrepreneurs and experts from both the east and west of the Old Continent. Instead, the non-competitive space in the facilities ensures that even the largest large-scale machines can participate in demonstrations. Thus, the visitor can see for himself the full power of the sector’s capabilities.



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