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Are you sure you can afford not to have precise data about the products you are storing?

The process of accurately determining the dimensions and weight of each type of product stored in a warehouse has become increasingly important in recent years.
Mężczyzna w magazynie zastanawiający się

Well-organized warehouse volumetrics, has a a real impact on a more optimal use of valuable space, a reduction in courier shipping costs, and an increase in customer satisfaction by better reflecting the dimensions of packaging, to the dimensions of the product shipped in it.

How to size? How to send product dimension data? In this article, we will talk about the process of dimensioning products in logistics.

Dimensioning in stock - a simple way to get started.

If the dimensioning process is new to you, it’s a good idea to start by enriching your product data. This data is generated simply and efficiently and then stored by the WMS system in the form of a so-called “data dump. master dates. The methods of generating data require the involvement of manual labor, but allow in parallel to automate the transmission of dimensioning results and their automatic recording at the destination.

A method for simple collection of dimensional data is the use of electronic Cube Tape measures. Cube Tape measures can be used as mobile tools thanks to their extremely compact design and light weight. Their favorable price makes it possible to widely use these tools in warehouses or in the courier industry, taking into account the equipment of each employee with this measuring device.

Urządzenie Cubetape C200

Cubiscan - for many synonymous with a dimensioning device.

At some point in business development, entrepreneurs feel the need to speed up the dimensioning process and further automate it . A solution that addresses such needs is the Cubiscan family of devices.

This American manufacturer has been creating machines that size and weigh products for more than thirty years. The use of different measurement technologies (depending on the model, it can be infrared technology or laser measurement), gives the opportunity to select the device to meet specific needs.

At the moment, the model that most holistically meets the needs of the market is the Cubiscan 325. The device determines the dimensions of both regular and irregular shaped products and accurately weighs larger and smaller products. The measurement itself is done by moving the measuring gate over the device’s backing plate. The measurement is automatically sent to the warehouse management system and used in the execution of daily logistics tasks.

Mężczyzna obsługujący urządzenie Cubiscan 325

Fully automated measurements on material handling lines.

Dimensioning of goods in logistics is also possible with automated warehouses. In this case, dimensioning devices (dimensionalizers), are mounted directly on the transport lines that the goods follow on their way to specific points in the warehouse. Our company integrates such devices, which work in close cooperation with dynamic scales and automatic barcode readers. One of the leading Suppliers of such solutions is Datalogic.

Dimensioning supported by barcode technology.

In order to take full advantage of the benefits of dimensioning systems, it is worth combining them with the reading of barcodes with which products are described in a modern warehouse. It is by identifying the product with a barcode reader that it will be possible to quickly record the dimensional data into the warehouse management system.


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