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Yellow blob! Promotion for glueless films and posters

Take advantage of an exclusive, limited-time promotion on adhesive films and posters.
Promocja Kleks HKK

Let's start with a short film:


We already know all about the yellow blob!

  • The blob occurs on all smooth surfaces.
  • Just apply it and it’s firmly in place.
  • It does not like bubbles, wrinkles and folds.
  • When removed, it leaves absolutely no trace.
  • It can go back and forth….

Prints on adhesive film are priced individually.

Promotional poster price list:

200g satin paper. Printing: UV latex 4+0 (single-sided printing)

  • The promotion is valid for new customers.
  • Duration: 22.08-30.09.

Feel free to contact me!

Dorota Czarnecka
Head of Signage and Digital Printing Department
+48 691 588 787

Dorota Czarnecka

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