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Self-adhesive labels for your business – top 10 uses

Did you know that self-adhesive labels can be an extremely valuable tool for your business? Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, labels have many uses that bring tangible benefits. In this article, we look at the 10 best ways to use self-adhesive labels in your business.
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The importance of using self-adhesive labels.

Do your products need labeling?

Self-adhesive labels can not only inform customers about the name and ingredients, but also help build brand recognition. Self-adhesive labels are an excellent marketing tool as a carrier for your logo, advertising slogan or information about current promotions. It’s a great way to grab customers’ attention, stand out on the store shelf and increase brand awareness.

Labels are the perfect companion for any office or warehouse. They help organize and identify documents, equipment, inventory or reminders of important deadlines.

Types of self-adhesive labels and possibilities of their application.

Self-adhesive labels come in very different types depending on the specific needs of your company. There are paper-based labels, foil-based labels, and even specialized labels for special applications, such as food contact labels and anti-counterfeiting labels. Each type of label has its own unique properties and applications.

Paper-based labels are excellent for marking products, documents and other items that do not need to be resistant to moisture or mechanical damage. They are less expensive than foil-based labels, but can easily be damaged if they come into contact with water or other external factors.

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Foil-based labels are more durable and moisture-resistant, making them ideal for use on products that are exposed to water or moisture. They can also be used on surfaces that are easily damaged mechanically, such as bottles or packages that are transported and stored in harsh conditions.

Another group of self-adhesive labels are those made of specialized materials that increase their resistance to high temperatures, acids or alkalis, guaranteeing their longevity.

Self-adhesive labels - where do they work best?


Packaging and product labels.

Self-adhesive labels can not only inform customers about the name and ingredients of your products, but also help build brand recognition. You can use labels on packages to make them stand out on the shelf in the store. Labels are also a great marketing tool, you can put your company logo, advertising slogan or information about current promotions on them. It’s a great way to get customers’ attention.


Labels for marking high-bay shelving.

Self-adhesive labels with an individual barcode (or two-dimensional code) can identify the location of storage in a warehouse. By properly
marking of storage areas
we can minimize the risk of costly mistakes (for example, shipping the wrong product).


WMS system labels for product registration.

A WMS is an information system that supports warehouse management. The basis of this type of solution is full traceability of the smallest, countable batch of goods.

For this purpose, the WMS system generates a unique number expressed in the form of a barcode, which is printed on a self-adhesive label using a special label printer. Such a label is nothing more than a unique registration number for each unit of the product.


Labels for support

Another group of self-adhesive labels, are labels supporting e-commerce return processes. These can be, for example, courier labels allowing quick return of goods to the supplier, or internal labels with an individual barcode identifying the return registered in the warehouse.


Self-adhesive labels in various forms.

Self-adhesive labels are traditionally supplied in roll form. This form is conducive to their automatic application to packaging or pallets (using automatic label applicators). However, you can customize the form of delivery of labels according to your individual expectations. It is possible to provide labels in the form of a fold, so that even on smaller desktop label printers it will be possible to print a large number of them, or in the form of a single label, cut to the size and shape of the label.


Moving to the next level of identification - RFID tag label.

The development of modern technology makes the seemingly ordinary self-adhesive label hide much more. This small but very important element is the RFID tag embedded in the label design.

RFID technology
allows reading from much greater distances, without physical contact between the reader and the tag. It also makes it possible to scan a dozen or more tags simultaneously, which significantly speeds up and simplifies the process.


Industrial labels - a carrier of information for special tasks.

Self-adhesive labels and glueless labels (for example, in the form of a tag) can be used in extremely adverse environments, for example, in a place exposed to extremely high temperatures (even about 1,000 degrees celsius), or exposure to strong chemicals.

The choice of material from which such a label is made implies its subsequent durability, which is of great importance in the case of labels used in industry.


Small space, lots of information - multilayer labels.

A common problem faced by organizations that produce or distribute small-size items is the need to inform consumers about the details involved in using the product.

Due to the small size of the product itself, the label on it cannot be large either. One way to deal with this issue is to use a multi-layered (“booklet”) label, where the content is placed on several parts of the label.

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Label with WOW effect - possibilities for refining self-adhesive labels.

How do you get customers to simply reach out for your product when they see it? There are methods to achieve just such an effect, through the use of appropriate label finishing methods. You can choose one of them or apply many at once. Among the most popular are embossing, gilding and puff varnishes.


Labels as a design element of your office.

A self-adhesive label can take the form of a large format. Such labels, commonly referred to simply as stickers, are used as employer branding elements to enhance the attractiveness of any space in the office area.


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