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Tags and adhesive-free labels – identification for any industry

In today's world, where product identification plays a key role, choosing the right labels becomes extremely important, especially in industries such as food, horticulture, textiles, food, construction, and chemicals. It is worth learning about the advantages and possibilities of two segments from our offer: various types of tags, glueless labels or identification bands.

Loop tags and foil tags - durable and versatile

Our offer includes loop tags, made of high-quality plastic, characterized by exceptional resistance to extreme conditions, such as water, high temperature or UV radiation. Ideal for use in horticulture, where moisture and changing weather conditions can challenge traditional labels.

Foil tags, are an excellent alternative to traditional paper tags, with exceptional durability. It is used in both the nursery and meat industries, as well as in wiring production. Its durability also makes it suitable for use in areas that require resistance to moisture and temperature.

Cardboard tags and labels

Cardboard tags and tags are a versatile solution for products that require labeling with barcodes, name, production date or batch number.

Also ideal for sewing into garments and fabrics, with exceptional durability even after repeated cleaning. Their versatility makes them applicable to a wide range of industries, from apparel to the construction industry.

Regardless of the raw material used, the tags are a versatile solution for products that require labeling with barcodes, name, production date or batch number.

Smoke and fruit tags - approved for food contact

Smoke tags, are specialized foil tags, approved for contact with food, perfect for smoking meat and fish products. Supplied in rolls or sheets, with the possibility of personalization through barcode printing. Their applications include not only the food industry, but also the charcuterie and fish industries.

Fruit Tag or wineglass labels, ideal for sealing nets and bags of fruits and vegetables. In addition to their decorative value, they allow precise identification of product weight, which is important especially in the food industry, where quality control is crucial.

Hospital and festival wristbands - safety and control

Identification wristbands are used in healthcare (hospital wristbands) and during ticket control at mass events (festival wristbands), offering fast and effective identification as well as the required resistance and security.

They are available pre-printed or for personalization at the production stage.


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