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Self-adhesive labels are not just a roll product, what are the types of delivery?

In an era of tremendous competition, manufacturers distinguish themselves not only by the quality and reputation of the liquor they offer. An original and aesthetically pleasing label is also becoming extremely important to help their products get noticed on the shelf, as well as contribute to branding.
Etykiety na roli - zebrane

Another element related to the use of self-adhesive labels is also extremely important. Namely, it is about the way they are applied and the associated method of delivery of the label. This is because it does not have to take a purely “rollover” form. So. how does the form of delivery of labels affect the qualities of their application?

The classic form of supply of self-adhesive labels is the roll form. This method of delivery of labels allows them to be used for printing in professional label printers.

It is with the use of this type of equipment that it is possible to print labels containing a bar code or a two-dimensional code (for example, a 2D Datamatrix code).

Supplies of labels on a roll also offer the possibility of using them in print & apply systems, where the label is printed with personalized content and then automatically applied to the product.

As an alternative to a roll form, labels can be delivered in a cut-to-shape form and then stacked (a row of vertically stacked labels). This form of delivery is by far the best for in-mold labels, i.e. labels that are “melted” into the plastic packaging. In the in-moul labeling process, a bar of labels is loaded into a labeling machine, which manages the fusing of the label into the plastic packaging.

Variable content label (in a roll, or cut to shape). Self-adhesive labels with variable content, is a product widely used in logistics and courier industry. This is a good way to mark returns or courier shipments without a pre-applied address label. Using this type of labels, we can be sure of achieving large time savings relative to classic label printing.

Folded labels. One more alternative to supplying labels in roll form is to supply them in the form of a so-called fold.

This form of stacked labels gives the possibility of using them in classic label printers, but without the limitations associated with the size of the roll. This is the best way to supply labels for organizations that print really large quantities.

Labels in sheet form for printing in laser printers. The last form of supply of self-adhesive labels is sheets for printing in laser printers.

This solution works well for organizations that print labels occasionally and do not want to invest in specialized infrastructure(label printers).

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