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WMS systems are gaining popularity

The market for warehouse management information systems is on a rapid growth path. Analysis published a few weeks ago predicts that the market will more than double globally over the next five years (2024-2029). The geographic drivers of growth will be the Asian, American and European markets. Where does this optimism come from? It is mainly due to the dynamic market situation, changes in business approaches, as well as other factors, which we will talk about in this article.
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What is a WMS system?

WMS class system
(warehouse management system) is a professional enterprise-class system for managing all operations in the area of warehouse logistics. These operations include, in particular:

  • warehouse receipt area
  • storage area of the goods in the warehouse
  • area of release of goods to the customer

The operation of the warehouse system is supported by
barcode technology
, thanks to which it is possible to quickly and flawlessly determine what goods in the warehouse we are dealing with and instantly determine in which location the goods should be located. This is due to proper
warehouse labeling
, such as self-adhesive labels, rack and aisle markings, information boards and much more.

Where is the world going and why is WMS software so important?

Increasing globalization favors remote shopping, causing the need to stand out from the competition even more. One of the primary opportunities to increase competitiveness is to invest in changing the face of warehouse logistics, the main effect of which, of course, is to increase efficiency.

Why is it important to invest in logistics? The modern consumer is interested in getting the right goods, to the right place, at the right time. This is only possible with a well-functioning warehouse and supply chain.

In the future, a WMS class system can be fed with a powerful amount of data and variables, on the basis of which decision-making will be faster and more accurate compared to traditionally shaped systems.

Datalogic Matrix 320

What will accelerate the growth of the WMS market? Automation for logistics

Growing labor shortages among warehouse workers are driving up the cost of hiring them. An effective remedy for such challenges is investment in
logistics automation.
It makes it so that often repetitive activities performed by employees can be ceded to robots, for example. However, such complex systems need to be skillfully managed, which is done from the level of the WMS system, which is integrated with automation elements in a way that is unnoticeable to operators.

In addition to the development of elements that automate warehouse logistics processes, the following are also of great importance
development of elements of artificial intelligence
, which can be used in logistics. In particular, we are talking about the almost infinite possibilities of investigating events on the warehouse floor or at any other stage of the supply chain, mainly through the use of readers, sensors, sensors, or vision technology examining key aspects of the process.

A WMS-class system
can be fed in the future with a powerful amount of data and variables, on the basis of which decision-making will be faster and more accurate compared to traditionally shaped systems.

WMS cloud hosting, web solution or maybe on demand?

Changes in the way WMS systems are maintained can be expected in the coming years. The bolder move to cloud hosting is forcing an adjustment in system architecture. Web-based solutions that allow the system to be used via any web browser are also becoming standard.

Increasingly, WMS will also be delivered as an on-demand service, which could make it more accessible to smaller companies.

However, despite the above-mentioned trends, in the period under study (2024-2029), server-installed systems directly at the customer’s location will remain the dominant solutions

At HKK Group, we are closing in on WMS

Designing and implementing WMS systems is one of the main areas of strategic importance for our company. For more than a dozen years we have been cooperating with a global tycoon involved in the development of IT systems for logistics –
Blue Yonder
, whose WMS solutions we have been successfully implementing throughout Europe.

Our offer also contributes to HKK‘s proprietary Digtio WMS solution, which is part of a larger platform consisting of WMS, MES and an intelligent production control solution.


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