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Automation of the Print & Apply barcode printing process

The printing of barcodes is usually done in a way that is not process-connected to their application. Barcodes are printed on equipment designed for this purpose (label printers), and only then is it applied to the final product, package, or pallet.

Such an approach carries with it:

  • Increased costs associated with the application process.
  • Lengthening the process.
  • The risk of errors at the stage of application itself (for example, application to the wrong product or inaccurate application of the label causing it to come off the product later).

In this post, we will introduce the concept of print&apply systems and tell you how to automate self-adhesive label printing from the software side.

Print&apply systems - label printers combined with an automatic label applicator.

The "go-to" solution

“Print and apply” systems can take the form of a fairly simple mechanism that is a combination of a self-adhesive label printer and a label applicator that automatically applies a printed self-adhesive label to a product.

A special feature of this type of system is its rather slow labeling speed of up to about 30 labels per minute. Systems of this type implemented by our company, are CAB S1000 systems working with CAB Squix label printers .

This type of printer can also be combined with application modules for labeling tubes or wrapping labels around packaging. This method of applying labels, is the simplest way to automate the labeling process.

Advanced solution

A more elaborate way to automate the printing and application of labels in industrial settings, is the Hermes Q series of printing modules with a corresponding label applicator.

Such a solution makes it possible to achieve significant printing precision and application speeds, unprecedented in other solutions (up to 15-20 labels per minute of operation of the application device).

An unquestionable advantage of using standard CAB Hermes solutions is the large selection of application modules. We can configure solutions from frontal, side, roll, double-sided, impact or blow application (such application will work even for labeling very fragile products, such as egg packages).

Cab Hermes is a tool that will make it possible to label pallets quickly and flawlessly.

Teklynx codesfot oprogramowanie do tworzenia etykiet

Automation of label printing-a software approach.

Automation of the process of generating, printing and applying self-adhesive labels, is increasingly possible only with the interaction of a hardware and software component.

Software for mass management of label printing, allows full control over the content of labels(also in a multilingual or multisite environment). It allows automating the process of generating variable content labels (pulled from various databases, or external systems).

HKK Group’s offering includes bulk print management solutions from Teklynx. Sentinel-class solutions can be integrated with any external systems and operate in a network environment.


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