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Wayfinding, space branding, signage – interior space signage

Proper labeling of facilities such as offices, hospitals, universities, offices, airports or industrial enterprises is an essential part of safe and effective internal communication.
Wayfinding w biurach

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For years, our company has been involved not only in the conception of such systems, but also produces signs and installs them. In this article, we will tell you what a professionally carried out project to make signage for objects looks like, and what results can be achieved with it.

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Marking the space from A to Z

What infrastructure challenges do today’s companies face? Challenges range from high energy costs, to insufficient space to efficiently run daily operations, to the challenges of adapting employee habits to the demands of daily business operations.

One way to improve this may be to try to professionally label the facilities. Such activities can go by rather enigmatic names, such as wayfinding (a signage system that makes it easier to navigate an office space), space branding (aligning a facility’s design with an organization’s corporate identity principles), or signage (a signage system).

Whether using English names or their Polish equivalents, the labeling systems must be characterized by several key features:

  • Consistency (the signage system must form a single, coherent and logical whole),
  • compliance with health and safety standards,
  • functionality (signage is intended to help in daily work, making it more ergonomic and efficient).

Signage project management

Professional space signage project conducted by specialists of our company begins with an on-site audit. During such a meeting, our Consultant thoroughly inspects the current state, during discussions identifies the needs and determines the location of the signs.

The next step is to prepare a professional analysis of signage needs. Such analysis is based on the conclusions after the audit, the analysis of legislation related to health and safety signs, and the client’s expectations of the situation after the marking project.

As a result of such analysis The customer receives a document containing a summary of the proposed markings along with an interactive map of their future location. If such a proposal is accepted, the next phases of the project are the execution of the graphic design, production (which we will talk about in the next section) and Installation by a professional installation team. The end of the project involves the evaluation of the completed work and the formal acceptance of the results of the project.

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Signage production - HKK Group is also a large format printer

We have a professional large-format printing shop where, based on digital technology, we are able to print virtually any design on almost any material. Digital printing offers us the ability to customize a design to a customer’s specific pattern without the need to prepare specialized production tools.

The very process of creating the shape of a given sign is also done digitally. With this technique, we are able to create almost any sign in both flat and spatial forms. Our portfolio includes decorative elements such as wallpaper, signs, labels, and stickers, as well as functional signs such as health and safety signage elements, traffic signs, informational overhead signs, and warehouse signage elements.

HKK Group - hundreds of completed business space signage projects

Our company has been engaged in providing signage systems for industrial, logistics and office spaces for more than a dozen years. During this time, we have completed signage projects all over Europe. We carry out the project of supplying the signs themselves, as well as projects combining their production and installation. Our installation teams are fully equipped and have the expertise and experience to handle even the most demanding orders.


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