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How to reduce shipping costs in e-commerce?

Effective shipment management in the e-commerce industry is only seemingly a difficult task. With the development of online sales, the demand for fast, hassle-free and convenient for the customer delivery of ordered goods has increased.

Modern logistics requires a professional approach to the subject of handling shipments. Nowadays, we can’t achieve our goal if our customers are not satisfied with the services we offer. How many times have we ourselves received a shipment in which the product was several times smaller than the package that came with it? This is not only mildly annoying for the recipient, but most importantly increases the cost of handling shipping.

According to DS Smith’s research, 40 million cubic meters of air is found in boxes shipped by Polish e-commerce entrepreneurs each year. What’s more, the wrong choice of box size for a shipment generates annual 42 thousand. tons of excess CO2. Environmental considerations are therefore of paramount importance when it comes to the shipping process.

Know the weight and dimensions

The first step to reducing shipping costs is to know exactly the dimensions and weight of the shipment itself. With this information, we are able to reduce spending in this area, which at the same time means more revenue. A key factor in managing shipments is what is known as the “shipment management. dimensional weight. Unlike actual weight, which denotes the actual weight of a package, dimensional weight is nothing more than a reflection of the area a package will occupy during transportation. It is calculated by comparing the size of the package to its weight.

Why is it so important? Because when we decide to ship a package to a customer, we usually use a courier service. At the courier, we pay for the use of a specific space, so it automatically works in our favor that this space will be occupied as little as possible and most simply pay less money for it.

Reducing the shipment

As we have already mentioned, reducing the shipment itself means lower operating costs. Following this line, we should strive to optimize the dimensional weight of the parcel at all costs. But how can we optimize this process? We have two choices: the first is to invest in an on-demand packaging system, whereby boxes are created to the size of the entire package, rather than being selected from previously purchased boxes. There is also method number two – getting a professional product sizing device.

From a financial and operational point of view, it is the second option that offers the best opportunities. Cubiscan brand solutions can significantly increase the possibilities of “cartonization” in the enterprise, and above all, they are versatile enough that we can choose the right device for our needs in terms of sizing. Cubiscan’s stable includes small equipment for sizing small products (such as the Cubiscan 100), as well as powerful machines created for sizing entire pallets (such as the Cubiscan 1200-AKL). They all have one thing in common – the collection of sensitive data, which we will then use to reduce shipping costs.


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