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Proper marking of industrial facilities – see what we can do for you

One of the pillars of our business is providing comprehensive marking solutions, primarily aimed at the logistics, warehousing, and industrial markets.
Audyt znakowania w magazynie

Why is proper production marking important?

Modern production areas are places where specialized machinery works together with Employees with specific, specialist knowledge. There is no room for chance, understatement, or oversight. Components should go directly to manufacturing cells, finished products should be received from production at designated locations, and remaining raw materials should be transferred to warehouses according to clear procedures.

The Operators themselves should have no doubts about the organization of their production space, regardless of whether they have been working in a given place for a month or for many years. This can only be achieved with proper marking of the production area. Workplace organization and marking should be consistent, suggestive, and complete. This can be achieved with the products we offer.

Production logistics – good organization is important here as well.

Efficient production should be supported by a well-functioning production warehouse. Component deliveries, post-production settlements, receipt of finished products – all production logistics processes should be logical, fast, and well-organized. Production logistics is supported by various technologies related to automatic data identification.

Barcodes (or other coding standards) are important for streamlining this aspect of the functioning of a production enterprise. The use of barcodes, however, requires proper warehouse preparation. Component storage locations should be marked with codes, as should component delivery areas, manufacturing cells, and any other locations where the component may be found.

When goods are received from production, they are coded and transferred to the finished goods warehouse, which also uses a system based on this technology.


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