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HKK Group – we have been printing labels for over 20 years

One of the key elements enabled by Auto ID technology is the ability to mark products with a barcode that is printed on a self-adhesive label (using specialized label printers).
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We are engaged in the comprehensive provision of the entire range of services and products for optimizing logistics processes. From the very beginning of our business, we have strived to follow the principle of being a “one stop shop” for all those who want to change their organizations in the area of warehousing and automation. Labeling has become one of the most important parts of our business. Here are some facts about it.

Self-adhesive labels produced by the traditional method.

We started our adventure with printing self-adhesive labels by die-cutting them using the traditional method with die-cutters and rotary machines. This type of solution, to this day, is the primary method of large-scale production.

A few years later, in addition to the production of blank labels, we also started producing tags and printed labels. We mention tags for a reason. They are a very popular form of identification in horticulture, nurseries, or the meat industry.

Over time, we have significantly developed our printing capabilities. At present, we are able to produce labels in more than a dozen colors and supply them with rich embellishments such as embossing or gilding.

Digital revolution, also in the area of label production.

The history of self-adhesive label production by HKK Group is divided into two stages: before digital printing and after the advent of digital printing. For several years, we have been printing labels using digital technology. This technology avoids the high cost of the printing preparation stage, which reduces costs especially for small label runs. Thanks to our investment in digital printing, we are also able to print variable content (personalized) labels, whether a thousand or a million are needed.

HKK Group a printer with experience and potential.

At the moment, our printing plant supports our other branches of business. Thanks to the comprehensive knowledge of our Advisors and Consultants, we are able to provide complete solutions for supply chain optimization.


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